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Wantful is an online gift-giving service that offers recommendations based on a recipient's style and interests.

WARP Solutions

WARP Solutions is committed to leading the eBusiness revolution by providing the best Internet infrastructure components.


An online platform that makes creating hardware easy.


WayBid Inc., a next generation liquidity provider for B2B online auctions and exchanges.

Web Capital Group

Web Capital Group is a diversified, publicly traded Internet focused venture banking firm dedicated to acquiring.

WebGen Systems

WebGen Systems offers enterprise energy management solutions to conserve and control energy in commercial buildings.

WebMap Technologies

WebMap Technologies develops visual internet navigation software such as TotalVIEW and WebMap Server.


WebVisible is a SaaS-based company that operates in the local online advertising industry.


Wellcore provided a mobile personal emergency response system for seniors that enabled automatic fall detection and online monitoring.


WeShop is a consumer network in beta that facilitates communication between consumers, merchants, and vendors.


WeShow is an online video aggregator that provides targeted video content to global viewers.

What's Next Partners

What's Next Partners is a company aggregating all communication skills in consulting, marketing and advertising. offers software applications that gather information about users' private browsing habits.

White Label

White Label provider of enterprise technology solutions platforms.

Whitehill Technologies

Whitehill Technologies Inc., a provider of document composition and data transformation software.

Whole Optics

Whole Optics, a microelectronics company, develops optical technologies for optical broadband communications.


It is the leading Internet-based B2B marketplace, transaction service, and information portal.


WildBlue is a company that will deliver affordable high-speed Internet access services via satellite to homes.


WinBuyer is a company that provides online retailers with solutions to optimize and maximize e-commerce revenues.

Windows Live Messenger

Instant messaing app by Microsoft

Winfreestuff com is an Internet database marketing firm.


Messaging. Entertainment.

WiQuest Communications

WiQuest Communications develops ultrawideband solutions for PC, consumer electronics, and mobile systems companies. is a social network based around simple yes/no questions whose vision is to match up potential friends and create interest groups.


Wizzgo offers a network TV recorder for internet-connected devices such as smartphones, computers, and TV boxes.

Wonder Works Media

Wonder Works Media is a software company providing three-dimensional marketing solutions.


Workstreamer is a business listening platform that delivers relevant, real-time information to business professionals.

World Entertainment Network

World Entertainment Network, a destination for world music on the Internet.


worldhistoryproject is a crowdsourced website platform that enables people to record, discover, and share history.

WorldPort Communications

WorldPort Communications offers voice, data, and other telecommunications services to carriers, Internet service providers.


Secure online file storage and backup service


Wynlink Technology specializes in the development, operation, and management of cloud computing projects.

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