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Vaperma is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of advanced gas separation systems.

Vector City Racers

Vector City Racers is an online gaming site.

Verari Systems

Verari Systems designs, develops and manufactures blade-based computing solutions for enterprises, universities and research institutions.

Verdande Technology

Verdande Technology provides real-time case-based reasoning technology for the oil and gas, financial services and healthcare industries.

Via optronics

Via optronics supplies enhanced LCD displays and related solutions for the European market.

Viacast Network Systeams

Viacast Network Systeams is an Information Technology company.


Viacor develops catheter-based techniques for the treatment of heart valve disease contributing to congestive heart failure.


Easiest way to research leads from user emails

Vibrant Commercial Technologies

Vibrant Commercial Technologies offers a compliance suite for medical and insurance carrier documentation requirements., a developer of software solutions that facilitate real time Web-enabled customer support.


Vidient develops behavior recognition and video analytics software applied to analyze suspicious human behaviors in commercial buildings.


villagenetworks is a developer of optical networking technology.


Share six-second-long looping videos online

Virtual Fairground

Virtual Fairground produces online, browser-based multiplayer virtual world games for the mass market audiences around the world.

Virtual Telephone & Telegraph

Virtual Telephone & Telegraph delivers SaaS with customizable user interfaces over a network-based directory and communications service.

Vizi Labs

Vizi Labs is a research and development company that focuses on image processing technologies.

VMIX Media

VMIX Media provides carrier-class online video publishing and communication solutions for high-volume video producers.


Big Data for enterprise companies


VoloMedia is a provider of advertising and reporting solutions for downloadable media.


Vontoo, a marketing communication platform, enables companies to send and track voice messages tailored to the recipients' interests.


Votsu develops online social games. is a privately held company dedicated to bringing e-commerce to everyone.


Leading provider of infrastructure technology for mobile productivity applications


Vyclone is an application that synchronizes video clips from multiple users and creates one editable film.


VYou is an app allowing its users to get advice from experts, interact with celebrities and organizations, and communicate with friends.


Vysr offers RoamAbout, a platform providing methods to add and integrate services and networks for web developers.

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