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T-RAM Semiconductor

T-RAM Semiconductor provides memory IP products developed with TCCT technology., a provider of printed, custom and blank T-shirts.


Taalee's Semantic Engineܢ is the basic underlying platform on which all of Taalee products are based.

Taggle Internet Ventures Private

Taggle Internet Ventures operated an online group buying platform where customers can buy products from various businesses.

Taking Point

Taking Point is a support community that connects America's veterans and service members.


TalkPlus offers Voice 2.0 services for mobile networks by using VoIP technology.

TapRoot Systems

TapRoot Systems provides software products and services for the mobile device market.


Taskbob facilitate's instant, high-quality home services for customers, while driving higher productivity for servicemen.

Technology Strategy, Inc.

Technology Strategy retail and e-tail merchants think about developing optimal pricing and inventory investment strategies and maximizing. offers original equipment manufacturers, lessors, retailers, e-tailers and large corporations.


TeeBeeDee is a social network for people over 40 to share their ideas, insights, and experiences.


A San Jose, Calif.-based provider of location-based solutions for in-vehicle, Internet and wireless platforms


Teleflip develops technologies that deliver emails to users' cell phones.


Telera is a software platform providing advanced voice applications.

Telerik TeamPulse

Agile project management tool that helps developers deliver


TeleSym's software enables voice calling from mobile computers on wireless networks.

Tempo Payments

Tempo Payments provides innovative payment technology solutions for issuers and affinity partners.

Tencho Technology

Tencho Technology develops, sells and services computer peripherals, network communications and electronic products.


TensorComm researches, develops and tests interference cancellation technology solutions for improving performance and data.


Teranode offers software and services that support executives and researchers with their research and development decisions.


Texert provides governance, risk, and compliance solutions for corporate enterprise customers.

The Haley Enterprise

The Haley Enterprise delivers real-time business process management and automation capabilities to its customers.

The Hazerax Company

Baltimore-based conglomerate focused on technology, private-equity, and music production

The Point

The Point helps individuals find solutions for issues collectively.

The Realm

The Realm will enable your business, extend your business and empower your business., the first and only solutions resource for all men's issues.


Thirsty is a marketplace for advertising campaigns on demand.


Thoora is a service enabling people to find, curate and publish content on the web. provides full-service sourcing solutions to retailers as well as wholesalers/importers.


Thwapr provides a machine-to-machine (M2M) service that allows users to share videos and photos with friends.

TimeSight Systems

TimeSight Systems develops video lifecycle management solutions for the high-resolution video surveillance market.


Tinselvision is an online video on-demand service targeting South Asian communities in the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

Tira Wireless

Tira Wireless provides a portfolio of tools that enables application developers and publishers to create and deliver mobile content.


Tivix is the creator of an online marketplace for film and television program sales and distribution.

TIZE, Inc.

Cloud software for the specialty chemicals industry.


Tongxue offers a community website for elite Chinese students on overseas studies.

Tonos Entertainment

Tonos Entertainment operates an online community and music network geared towards the music industry and entertainment enthusiasts.


Totsy was a company that put on flash sales for toddlers and young mothers.

Toushay - It's what's in store

Toushay is a cloud-based platform that enables its users to manage consumer engagements. gathers, organizes and analyzes information, communications and connections about companies, industries and businesses.


Trada is a performance-based paid search solution for companies advertising on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Trading Metrics

Trading Metrics develops latency detection software providing a platform to manage and measure the speed of market data.

Transparency Software

Transparency Software provides information policy management solutions enabling businesses to secure access to business information.


A smart workspace for businesses to manage projects and data


Travelago brings high-quality streaming video straight to your desktop! Due to the nature of the cutting-edge technology.


Travolver is an online platform that helps travelers organize their travels in a well-visualized manner.


Trooval offered business intelligence and predictive analytics technology to enhance sales and marketing operations of timeshare developers.

TrueSAN Networks

Founded in 1999, the company delivers enterprise storage networking systems, software and services


Trutap operates as a mobile social network company that offers group messaging, profiles, blogging and photo sharing services.


Tsu is a social platform that rewards all users for their original content and network. It's your content. Own it.


TuneUp Media is a platform creating a better digital music experience for music lovers. brings the social value of music to the digital music experience by letting people experience and discover music together.


Twist is an iOS and Android app that messages users' pre-determined contacts of their location and estimated time of arrival in real-time.


Txt4 provides data delivery services for contact centers and websites.

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