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Sabse Technologies

Sabse Technologies provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.


SageFire develops and delivers business management software solutions for franchise systems and entrepreneurial businesses.

Sagence Systems

Sagence Systems is a provider of Java-based business to business and e-commerce software.


Sageware, a provider of automatic categorization and content filtering services.


Improve your conversions using predictive analysis

Salu Inc

Salu, Inc. was founded in 1997 to help physician specialists and is currently the premier company creating vertical Internet healthcare.


Samares is a developer of smart energy solutions.

Sandlot Solutions

Sandlot Solutions is a healthcare information technology company jointly owned by Santa Rosa Holdings, Inc.,


Sangate enterprise storage appliance enables customers to perform remote mirroring.


A privately held global managed storage service provider


Scale8 is a San Francisco-based data storage service provider.


scanR develops handset applications that allow phones or digital cameras to scan, copy, and fax documents.

Scoot & Doodle

Scoot & Doodle is an open-ended creative environment that enables groups of people to share their creations through videos.


Web-based screen recorder and screen sharing

SDL Enterprise Technologies

SDL Enterprise Technologies is a SaaS-based platform providing information management solutions for corporations worldwide.


Seanodes offers Exanodes, a software solution for data storage domain and shared internal storage systems.

SearchButton.Com, an ASP for hosted site search and activity reporting.


SearchMe is a search engine that uses visual search and category refinement.


Secret offers an online platform that enables users to share their personal secrets with other users anonymously.

Sedona Networks

Sedona Networks designs and builds innovative, multi-services access network solutions.


Selltag was an online trading platform.


Semantra provides software-related to CRM, BI and ERP solutions., a provider of online meeting content and e-commerce solutions for the meetings industry.

Senergen Devices

Senergen Devices is a solar startup developing technologies for silicon-based photovoltaic cells.

sentitO Networks

sentitO Networks provides open and distributed VoIP switching and service delivery solutions for worldwide customers.

Sequoia Media Group

Sequoia Media Group develops applications to enable consumers to create slide-shows and other media from their personal photos and videos.


Servecast is a provider of streaming media delivery andhosting services.

Shelly Cloud

Ruby app hosting service that made deployments painless

Shocking Technologies

Shocking Technologies manufactures Voltage Switchable Dielectric (VSD) materials.


Shopwings is an online platform that provides its users with the ability to receive groceries and delivery services.

Shoreline Teleworks

Shoreline Communications System unleashes the power of the Internet by converging voice and data networks and forever changing.


ShortCycles is a business-to-business e-service for the dynamic exchange of information.


Shoutitout is a website enabling users add clickable tags to their posts and add photos or links, and share with others.


We believe in living more and driving less.

SiberCore Technologies

SiberCore Technologies pure-play, Internet IC company developing high-value-added Application Specific Standard Products.

Sidecar facilitates mobile communication by enhancing phone call communication.

Sierra Photonics

Sierra Photonics develops custom communication and sensor technologies for government problems.

SimTel Technologies

SIMTEL provides network quality and performance optimization systems for digital mobile networks.


SimulScribe operates PhoneTag, a voice-to-text service that converts voicemail into text messages and sends them to mobile phones or emails.


SingleSourceIT, a provider of Internet-based IT supply chain services.


SinoHub was a one-stop-shop for all electronic component supply chain services.


SIPphone is a VoIP providing a dial tone service for any SIP-based software or hardware device complete with customizable voicemail.

Siving Egil Kvaleberg

Siving Egil Kvaleberg provides software components and applications that are required for mass-market smartphones.

Six Degrees Games

Six Degrees Games is a video game and virtual world publisher.


Augmented Reality Motorcycle Helmets


An independent business-to-business trading hub and vertical portal for the global aerospace industry


SkyGrid offers a platform that provides web-scale infrastructure to help people connect with things they are passionate about.


Skyrider develops P2P networking solutions that enable online content delivery and publishing, data analysis, and online advertising.

Skystream Markets

Skystream Markets Inc. operates as an institutional transaction platform for the environmental markets in the United States and

Skyway Software

Skyway Software develops service oriented and architecture-based web services and applications.

Slime Sandwich

Slime Sandwich is an online gaming company developing in-browser 3D games.


Smallaa is a startup that aims to help people sort and categorize their social news streams by interests.

SmApper Technologies

SmApper Technologies provides intelligent and automated file management solutions to manage unstructured data.

SmartAge offers you a new way to get what your business needs, without spending cash.


Smartdate is an international online dating platform that is fully integrated with Facebook and features collaborative matching.

SMT Research and Development

SMT is a medical device company that develops and commercializes procedural accessories used during TAVI and other heart procedures.


Enterprise cloud development platform

Snickelways Interactive

Snickelways Interactive is an internet company.


SocialMatica built solutions that organized, analyzed and ranked customers to aid in marketing decisions.


SoftAware is a developer of distributed global networks for highly interactive Internet applications.

Solid Systems

Solid Systems is an IT infrastructure support and services company.


Sonar provided commercial micro-blogging services for companies to communicate internally.


Songbird offers a social music discovery app for Android and iOS devices, and desktops.

Sonitus Medical

Sonitus Medical provides clinically effective non-invasive and removable hearing solutions based on the bone conduction method.

Soundhawk Corporation

Soundhawk Corporation is focused on the development of wearable high-tech hearing aid equipment.


SpectraFluidics develops and commercializes technologies for vapor trace chemical detection.

SpinX Technologies

SpinX Technologies is a company that designs and develops products that utilize its programmable microfluidics technology.


SplashCast offers a service for users to watch their favorite TV shows via Facebook and MySpace.


SpongeFish operates an online community that enables users to interact and share knowledge.


Sprig is an online app provides healthy organic meals delivered in 15 minutes.


Springpad offers a mobile personal organizer that helps users save and organize projects, ideas and to-dos.

SQFive Intelligent Oilfield Solutions

SQFive Intelligent Oilfield Solutions provides solutions for mature oil fields and thermal recovery projects.

STAND Technologies

STAND is a mobile application where you connect with people who inspire you to put your compassion into action.


StandardNine is a startup focused on the development of disruptive innovation for educational content on iPhones.

Star One

Star One AG, a new wireless broadband telecommunications company headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany.

Starboard Storage Systems

Starboard Storage Systems is a startup developer of hybrid storage arrays featuring SSDs and spinning hard drives.


StatusNet is an open source software platform enabling microbloggers to interact with other communities.

Storigen Systems,Inc.

Storigen Systems is a developer of Internet infrastructure for the delivery of next-generation Internet content and managed services.

Storm Exchange

Storm Exchange provides a technology platform to manage weather risk situations.


StorSpeed develops products to increase network storage performance.


A local sports and recreation broadband Internet media company


Sulia is a subject-based social network that connects users with the top social sources on subjects they care about.


SunModular is a manufacturer of thermal solutions for photovoltaic modules in residential, commercial, and solar farm applications.


Sunovia is a clean-tech company developing energy-efficient, highly scalable solar cell systems using proprietary technology.

Sunrise Calendar

A calendar that integrates with most third-party services

Support Space

Grow your business with SupportSpace's remote services.


Sutus provides businesses and individuals with small business communication and IT services.

SVTC Technologies

SVTC Technologies provides development and commercialization services for semiconductor process-based technologies and products.

Sychron Advanced Technologies

Sychron Advanced Technologies offers server-based desktop computing solutions.

Symbian Foundation

Symbian foundation is a software licensing company that creates and licenses open operating systems for mobile phones.


Symplified is Identity-as-a-Service-based hybrid platform offering user access to applications and helping meet compliance requirements.

SynTera Communications

SynTera Communications development of turnkey silicon solutions for high-performance networking systems.


Systemsfusion is the leading provider of Next-generation IP Services Provisioning Platforms and products for large data service providers.

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