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Radiance Technologies

Radiance Technologies enables the managed delivery of digital packages.

Radix Wireless

Radix Wireless is a developer of broadband wireless products for network service providers.


RADLIVE develops high definition telephony technologies, products and applications for its users to communicate and collaborate with others.

Rapid Mobile

Rapid Mobile is engaged in the development of mobile applications, advertisements and other digital content.

Rapid5 Networks

Rapid5 Networks is a telecommunications-equipment company focused on the telecom and Internet infrastructure market.


Rapport offers parallel, multiprocessor chips and systems reconfigured for multiple applications.


RatePoint is a provider of customer feedback and online reputation management services.


Ratify provides a cloud-based data analytics engine that analyzes how people, devices, and software interact in a companys network.


Rdio is a digital music service provider reinventing the way people discover, listen to and share music.

Really Easy Internet

Really Easy Internet is a start-up company that provides multimedia communication products to online businesses and communities.


RealNames is an online platform offers an internet naming solution and navigation system for internet users.


Recordant develops an audio-capture technology enabling companies to improve customer service by analyzing conversations between clients.

Red 5 Studios

Red 5 Studios is a developer of multiplayer online games and entertainment.

Red Gorilla

Red Gorilla was founded to provide small professional service firms.

Reef Point Systems

Reef Point Systems provides security solutions for converged wireless and wireline networks in the United States.


Reffpedia was an online reference engine that connected knowledge keepers with knowledge seekers.


Generate citations for anything from books to websites


RemitPro is a provider of funds processing and risk management software solutions.


REMOTV is an online platform that enables users to stream media from the internet.


Renkoo is an app developer for social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.


Respirics is an inhalation drug products company focusing on the development and commercialization of therapeutic products.

Responsible Surfing

Responsible Surfing is a parental control software that keeps children safe surf.


RestaurantTrade the leading provider of Web-based software for the hospitality industry.

Revolt Technology

ReVolt Technology is a technology company developing rechargeable zinc-air batteries.


RewardMe was a real-time intelligent CRM solution for local commerce that provided merchants with customer insights.


RewardMyWay is a technology company that creates mobile applications, allowing users to find, pay, and earn CashBack at local merchants.


RFinity develops person-to-person, cell phone-based payment and identification apps to facilitate financial transactions.


RightFreight is the leading internet-based airfreight solutions provider.


RipCode provided a dual application infrastructure solution for delivering video on-demand and real-time video streaming.


Roamz is a location-based application that informs users about the happenings in their cities.


Robot Galaxy is a mall-based retail and entertainment company allowing children to build their own personalized robots.


RocketOn is a consumer-based web company developing a platform for running virtual worlds on top of any website.


ROI is an Internet application service provider providing scalable, feature-rich, branded e-commerce, e-customer care.

Roku Technologies

Roku gives people the capability to access their key information in an intuitive, unified, and real-time manner, using a Web browser.

Rotor Communications Corporation

Rotor Communications Inc. develops networking technology solutions for delivering interactive media on the Internet.


RoyaltyShare provides web-based royalty processing and reporting solutions for the global entertainment industry.


rPath provides an automation platform for application deployment and maintenance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.


RPO develops and manufactures waveguides such as digital touch systems for the consumer electronics market.


Anonymous messaging

Ryma Technology Solutions

Ryma Technology Solutions delivers product management solutions that develop and sell processes, expertise and tools.

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