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PANTA Systems

PANTA Systems develops data warehouse appliances for operational data stores, star-schema data marts and more.


Your friendly mobile backend as a service


Passbox offers rewards systems that enables high traffic retailers to increase brand loyalty across mobile, social and in-store platforms.

Paver Downes Associates

Paver Downes Associates provides intelligent voice SMS, text, email messaging solutions and online marketing services.


Paxfire generates ad revenue for network operators from address bar searches and DNS error traffic.


Peakstone is an IT Company that provides Internet Service Assurance solutions called eAssurance.

Pedestal Inc the premier on-line resource for secondary market mortgage professionals.


Peek made a simple smartphone. The software platform for smart apps on low-cost hardware is now part of Softbank, Viber and Twitter


PeerMe is a free communication tool for peer-to-peer voice and instant messaging.

Pelago Networks

Pelago Networks is a telecom equipment and software maker.


PepperTap is India's largest and fastest grocery delivery service. Currently present in more than 25 cities.

Internet-based company that offered consumers the best products and services for their pets. San Francisco, CA.


PharmaNation is an online professional networking community for individuals in the pharmaceutical industry around the globe.


Phase2Media's unparalleled expertise delivers strategic, innovative marketing through interactive advertising.

Photon Vision Systems LLC

Photon Vision designs custom CMOS imagers, that allow the highest integration of electronics.

Photonic Materials

Photonic Materials is a developer of optical crystals used in fibre-optic communication components.

Photoshop Touch

Light weight version of Photoshop for your mobile devices


Phyve, Inc. operates as a web and Intranet based network for medical trials and data management. The company engineers internet security


A photo sharing and editing tool

Picsel Technologies

Picsel Technologies is a software company developing products for handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets.


PictureIQ has been helping businesses take advantage of the Internet and mobile networks with high-performance, dynamic imaging solutions.

Pinpoint develops innovative search technologies for the wired and wireless Web, powerfully combining machine and human elements.


Pipewise offers user relationship management solutions for cloud-based companies that connects with customers via web and mobile channels.

PIPEX Communications

PIPEX Communications is a provider of integrated telecommunications and Internet services.


Design and prototype mobile apps quickly


Pixelpipe is a media distribution gateway allowing users to publish text, photos, video, audio and documents.


PlaceBlogger is a project to accumulate all the geo-annotated news and articles from around the web.

Plan B Communications

Plan B Communications a provider of integrated voice, data and Internet services for business customers.

Planet Alumni

Planet Alumni created and owns, a free, registry-based site that helps former classmates and alumni stay in touch.


Platial, a map making portal, searches and serves exploration sites as a global atlas.


PLEJ is a provider of payment and marketing software for affinity groups and retailers.


Plizy was a cloud-based media center that allowed its users to search, organize, watch, and share videos and movies.


Plum TV is a local cable TV network creating original programming for affluent communities.

Plures Technologies

Plures Technologies, a business development company, specializes in creating high-potential innovations.


Poliana is a web application that simplies the legislative system by analyzing and visualizing money's inuence in politics.

PolyTrax Information Technology

PolyTrax Information Technology AG is a logistics and supply chain company based out of 3 Danziger Strae, RO, BY, Germany.

Postcard on the Run

Postcard on the Run is a mobile app that allows users to take photographs from their mobile phone and personalize it with messages.

Powa Technologies

Powa is an international commerce specialist that creates technologies to seamlessly integrate the physical and digital world.

Power Assure

Power Assure offers data center infrastructure and energy management software for enterprises, government, and managed service providers.


PowerFile develops hybrid storage appliances for the long-term storage of digital content and assets.


PowerMarket is a provider of supply chain management products for Global 2000 companies.


PremiTech develops systems management software providing real time network monitoring solutions for enterprises.


PresenceID provides enterprise unified identity management, provisioning, and single sign-on across. is the first global Web-based service that enables anyone to book professional photographers online.


Production equipment developer in 3D prototyping complex functional elements - electronic circuit board, and structural components.


Productbuzz creates product-focused Web sites.


Productopia, a source of product information and buying advice.


Proficiency is a feature-based translation solution enabling the transfer of complete design intelligence between major CAD systems.

Project Achieve

Project Achieve produces web-based school information systems.


Prolify provides ProMail and it enables email users to update backend applications and collaborate with each other.

Prominence Networks

Prominence Networks provides IP Telephony and IP Videoconferencing services.

Propagate Networks

Propagate Networks works with leading system and chip partners to embed its breakthrough AutoCell embedded control system.


ProQuo entered the dead pool on October 7, 2007.


ProspX offers real-time collaboration across companies and streamlines communication between insurance brokers and insurance carriers.

ProVision Communications

ProVision Communications develops wireless multi-room television technologies for consumer electronics and original equipment manufacturers.


PublicEarth is a free wiki database of locations, generated and updated by users.

Pure Matrix

Pure Matrix offers solutions for creating and sharing personalized, context-specific applications on wireless networks and devices.

PureEnergy Solutions

PureEnergy Solutions develops rechargeable battery-based products for portable electronic devices.

PureVideo Networks

PureVideo is an online video portal that enables users to upload and browse videos by category.

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