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Namezero is a private, pre-IPO Silicon Valley company that is changing the way people and small businesses use the Internet.


Nanochip develops very high capacity removable storage chips for MP3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, PDAs and computers.

National Technological University

National Technological University Corp. is a provider of technical, business and management e-learning solutions.


NebuAd is a media company offering online advertising solutions.

Nebula, Inc.

Nebula allows any business to easily build a massive private computing cloud from hundreds or thousands of inexpensive computers.

Nema Labs

Nema Labs provides programmers with easy-to-use threading tools for multi-core platforms.


NemeriX is a fast growing fabless semiconductor company that has developed an innovative RF, Baseband and Software platform.

Neopolitan Networks

Neopolitan Networks provides robust networking solutions for small, medium, and large organizations.

Ness Display Corp

NESS Display develops and manufactures organic light emitting diode technology for flat panel displays.

Net Technologies

Net Technologies, Inc. is the award-winning Internet tools and consulting firm that focuses exclusively on the financial services industry.

Netbyte Hosting

Netbyte Hosting is a web hosting company offering domain name registrations, web services, FrontPage help, and more.

NetConvergence, Inc.

NetConvergence, Inc. was added in 2014.


Enterprise mobility software

NetNumina Solutions

NetNumina Solutions is a 2nd generation e-business systems integrator focused on creating mission-critical Internet solutions.


NetSanity Inc., creators of preference management software solutions for wireless telecommunications carriers.


Newmerix offers application lifecycle management solutions for organizations in various sectors that run SAP, oracle EBS and PeopleSoft.

NewsAlert a provider of real-time business information and market data for financial Web sites and vertical B2B marketplaces.


Nexgenix are provides so-called e-relationship services.

Next One's On Me (NOOM)

Finding beautiful gifts and helping you share them with ease


Nirvanix offers cloud storage solutions to avoid downtime losses for customers expecting security reliability and redundancy levels.


Nitrous offers web applications development.


Nivio develops desktop virtualization services that allow customers to use computer application software without a personal computer.

nlighten Technologies

nlighten Technologies develops and distributes products with HD displays, HDTVs, and open frames for video walls and other custom jobs.


Monitor and track performance of your data centers

North Technologies

A startup in the consumer internet space


Novacem is a UK-based developer of carbon negative cement.


Novafora is a video processor company enabling OEMs to deliver high quality video, anywhere on any display device and at any time.


Novasys Medical offers Novasys Micro-remodeling System, designed to treat female stress urinary incontinence (SUI).


NovusEdge provides physical security solutions that control access and monitor environments, and manage alerts to protect users' assets.


NoWonder is an online marketplace for technical support and services.

Nozomi Photonics

Nozomi Photonics is engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of thin film optical waveguide wafers, components, and subsystems.


nPario offers big data applications that enables brands to gain insights about consumer behavior.

Numara Software France

Numara Software France offers information technology and security management solutions.


Nupremis is an Applications Infrastructure Provider (AIP) offering managed enterprise applications and storage solutions.

Nurien Software

Nurien is a social networking and online gaming company that develops platforms for virtual social networks.

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