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Macalla is a Dublin-based supplier of mobile payment software.

Machine Perception Technologies

Machine Perception Technologies develops expression recognition applications that numerically represent human facial expressions.

Magic Bean Stalk is an online business-to-business vertical exchange that matches Internet startup companies.


An all-in-one email client app for your phone

MainXchange is the first and only "cashless" commerce and investment site.


Mango-Mate provides intelligent video solutions such as video encoding appliances and intelligent analytics.


Manna Inc. is the emerging leader in the online personalization market, offering the customized solutions e-marketers.

Maple Networks

Maple Networks is developing technologies to help carriers rapidly migrate to meet next-generation data-centric networks.


Marketfish, a data management platform, allows marketers to build and execute lead generation campaigns using third party marketing lists.


MarketRange creates and manages subscription-based online lifestyle and entertainment.

Mascot Network

Mascot Network is a higher education-based portal that provides information services for educational institutions.

Matisse Networks

Matisse Networks offers optical burst switching solutions for metro Ethernet ocular transport networks.


Matrix Information and Directory Services is a pioneer of electronic commerce.

Maxxan Systems

Technology for large-scale storage networks


Shop for furniture purchasing online


Mechanology is an innovator in the field of compressors and expanders.


MediaMine is a provider of digital asset managementservices for media companies.

Medley Health

Medley Health provides physician practice management services for independent primary care physicians and their patients.


Medpool is a healthcare company that offers pooling and contract negotiation tools for buyers and sellers of medical equipment.


Livestream video to all of your Twitter followers

MeeVee Inc.

MeeVee operates a customizable TV listing site on the Web.


Upload, store and view any files


mEgo enables its users to create personalized avatars and integrate with blogs, social networks, websites, and IM clients.


Mempile develops removable storage technology for the healthcare, public, entertainment, security, financial and business sectors.


MEMX is an online platform dedicated to providing educational material on MEMS technology.

Mendocino Software

Mendocino Software develops and markets enterprise-class application data availability and access solutions.


MePlease is an integrated social loyalty platform helping businesses to measure consumer engagement through social media, mobile and POS.

Mercari Technologies

BAV Software, a pioneer of the collaborative merchandise optimization business process.


Mercora is the company behind, a DJ application for web and mobile users.


MESoft is a software company developing tools for remote collaboration, management, and distribution of digital media content.


MessageGate offers enterprise e-mail governance software and services.

META Secur e-COM Solutions

META Secur e-COM Solutions ensures you securely leverage Internet and Web-based systems, creating bottom-line.

Metafoam Technologies

Metafoam Technologies Inc. engages in the development, production, and commercialization


MetalMaker, an application service provider to the global metal-producing industry.

Meteor Entertainment

Meteor Entertainment develops and publishes free-to-play video games.

Micro Tempus Inc.

Micro Tempus Inc. is a technology company that operates in the cross-platform data management market.

Microsoft Lync

A communications platform integrated into Microsoft office


Milog develops AppLog, a software solution that is able to monitor and optimize the Android devices battery life.

Mind Pirate, Inc.

Mind Pirate, Inc. was acquired by HP's Innovation Group in Dec., 2014. Mind Pirate built technology for wearable & IoT computing apps


Minekey is a startup providing personalized search and social collaboration technologies.


Minus builds and runs MeowChat, a mobile chat and photo sharing application available on iPhone and Android, launched in March 2013.


Mishi is an application that serves as an Airbnb for foodies who enjoys local and authentic home-made food in the intimacies of home.

Miso Media

Miso Media is a tech and music startup that develops music education software for music learners.

Mission Critical Linux

Mission provide the products, services, open-source technologies, and expertise to ensure the success of your enterprise Linux deployments.

Mitoo Sports

The platform for the world's sports


Mixercast allows users to create embeddable slide show widgets.

MMIC Solutions

MMIC Solutions develops technology for millimeter wave bands to operate between a frequency range of 50GHz to 250GHz.

Moai Games

MOAI Games is made up of members with more than 10 years of experience in Koreas top MMORPG including Lineage 2 and EOS.

Mobile Authentication

MAC offers a secure, true User Authentication and Payment Transaction Verification solution.

Mobile Cohesion

Mobile Cohesion provides partner relationship management solutions for the telecommunications industry.


Content distribution, LBS, mobile

MobileStar Network

MobileStar Network, a provider of high-speed wireless Internet access for business travelers.


Moblyng is a developer of HTML5 social games for mobile devices and social networks.

Molecular Life

App enabling drug safety and interactions across 54m products and manufacturers, with a DNA Test for disease for pre dispositions


Monitor110 is a New York-based company providing data and information gathering services.

Monitoring Division

Monitoring Division provides network diagnostic tools for carriers migrating from SONET to IP over Optics.

Monster Juice

Monster Juice is an Internet company.


Moondo is a gaming platform that allows users to earn and use items globally.


Moprise is a cloud-based solution that enables enterprise users to access, share and collaborate on business content from mobile devices.


The all-in-one business management tools for freelancers


Moverati provides video services by capturing videos of its users during events and uploading them to their website for editing and sharing.


MovieSet is a web portal that provides movie fans with behind-the-scenes access.

mPay Gateway

mPay Gateway is a PCI certified acquiring card processor that delivers bankcard solutions with integrated web-based management software.

The company is targeting small-to-medium-sized businesses with 2,500 employees or fewer, and will provide a range of business tools.

Multimedia Live

A pioneer of Intelligent Selling(TM) online, is a nationally recognized Web technology and design company.

Multiwave Photonics

Multiwave offers fiber-optic technologies-based optical sources, product design, product development and engineering services.


Mumboe provides the necessary tools for small businesses to manage their contractual agreements online.

Music Nation

Music Nation is a discovery and recommendation engine connecting fans and artists across multiple platforms using music, MP3s and videos.

Musicbrigade AB

Musicbrigade provides digital music video entertainment worldwide.

My Team Zone

My Team Zone offers an online community that enables sports enthusiasts to interact and share information and content.'s Internet portal for its e-Services platform,


Provides integrated payroll and employee-benefits administration services.


MyCube is a digital life management tool for exchanging, sharing and selling content that interests users.


MyFrontSteps develops enterprise-level software systems for large companies.

myHomeKey is an online home management system that allows its users to schedule repairs and maintenance, and shop for home products.

mylackey provides online localized services to consumers and businesses.

MyShape is an online retail store specializing in customized tailoring.

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