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Last is building products that make it easier and more fun to go out and explore.


Lat49 is a location-focused advertising platform for online publishers and advertisers.

LegiTime Technologies

LegiTime Technologies provides LegiText, a subscription-based SMS solution with message authentication, and archiving facilities.


LeisureLogix offers RoadTrip Wizard, an application built on technology that marries trip booking, location-based content and navigation.


Levanta offers Linux management and data virtualization solutions to both private and government organizations.


LIBOX is a single online platform to synchronize, share and play HD media for free all in one place.

LifeMap Communications

LifeMap Communications provide the most innovative information guidance system that will enable people to obtain the specific information.


LikeList is a word-of-mouth service that enables consumers to share and discover trusted local businesses.


Lily is a flying camera that takes photos and video in the moment!.

Limerick BioPharma

Limerick BioPharma develops compounds which can be used adjunctively with marketed and investigational drugs.


P2P file-sharing app for all types of computer files


LinkGuard is an online services company that offers a variety of software applications and components.


Lipstream provides eBusinesses the back-end networking infrastructure and lightweight client application.

Liquid Computing

Liquid Computing Corp develops converged communications and computing platforms.


LiveMind is an online marketplace that produces learning and educational tools.

LNG Holdings

LNG Holdings S.A. offers local loop, national and international managed bandwidth services

Logical Choice Technologies

Logical Choice Technologies is a developer of educational technologies for students and educators.


A single source provider of enhanced Web co-location and e-business managed services.


Logmetrix provides software for intensive development and market research concentrated on the growing needs of the e-commerce sector.


Loku encourages users to explore their city by providing personalized local recommendations of restaurants, bars, bowling, sports and more.


Lookery provides demographic marketing services that enable social networks to distribute their data as targeting information.


Loomia is a content recommendation tool that suggests related web content to users.


Loosecubes is a membership-based community that connects vacant workspaces with individuals looking for workspaces.


LucidEra provides SaaS-based business intelligence visibility and actionable solutions for marketing professionals.

Luma International

Luma International is an international freight forwarding company.

Lumetric Lighting

Lumetric Lighting is a technology company developing advanced, large area intelligent lighting and controls systems.

Lumigent Technologies

Lumigent Technologies offers automated governance, risk, and compliance software that reduces the cost of auditing and compliance reporting.


Lumos created smart switches that didnt need switching.

Lutris Technologies

Lutris Technologies, an Open Source enterprise software and services company.

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