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Kamoon Inc. is an infrastructure software company.

Kardia Health Systems

Kardia Health Systems is a healthcare information technology firm offering the delivery of specialty medicine for cardiology.


Kazaana is an online interactive platform that allows children under 13 to make friends and share content with one another.

Kee Square

Kee Square develops signal processing techniques for biometric identification, tracking, and general security applications. is a pioneer of the online lending industry.

Kibboko, Inc.

Kibboko developed Scout, a content personalization system. Kibboko was a re-start of a prior startup at the VC's behest., Inc., Inc. is a developer of music personalizationtechnology.


kidthing is a digital multimedia app that provides knowledge and entertainment to children.


Manage, organize, share, and discuss knowledge & web links

Kiha Software

Kiha Software developed business and personal communication management software to streamline the mobile experience.

Kinzan is in the business of helping companies and their customers, partners, suppliers and employees work together seamlessly.


Online sales prospecting software for lead generation.

Klir Technologies

Klir Technologies provides information technology management solutions through a software-as-a-service business model.

Knetwit Inc.

Knetwit offers a platform that uses the internet to enhance the existing educational process for students and professors.


KnowledgeMill is a software company offering enterprise-class content management solutions for e-business artifacts.


KnowNow offers live information management solutions that increase the productivity, efficiency and profitability of companies.


Knozen is developing a personality API for the internet that aims to discover, explore, and display the worlds personalities.


KODA is an online community that enables individuals to find entry-level jobs in the U.S.


Kohort provides management tools for organizations to manage membership directories, communications, events, ticketing and dues.


Kolorific is a fabless semiconductor company developing video processors and software solutions for the flat panel HDTV market.

Koolanoo Group

Koolanoo Groupξis an internet company based in China that licenses internet platforms, distributes software, andξsupplies online content.

Kore Virtual Machines

Kore Virtual Machines is a game technology that aims to revolutionize interactive application development for entertainment and education.


kwiry is an online reminder service that turns text messages into reminders which users can retrieve online.

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