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iBenefits, an application services provider, offers web-based employee benefit management tools.


IceWEB offers purpose-built appliances, network and cloud-based storage solutions and delivers online cloud computing application services.


iChoose, Inc. is the developer of an instant merchandising channel for e-commerce.


iCOMS provides outsourced network application services that enable companies to sell their products or services on the web.


ICplanet a B2B Internet exchange connecting businesses with independent consultants.


Ikimbo offers communication and collaboration software and services for companies. It provides a unified applications platform that

Illume Software

Illume Software develops solutions to power high-value applications and services.

Illumix Software

Illumix Software provides services to manage and maintain IT infrastructures.

iMedix Inc.

iMedix, a health search engine and network, utilizes advanced proprietary algorithms to answer user questions.


ImmuMetrix is a biotechnology company based in Palo Alto, California.

Imperito Networks

Imperito Networks Inc., a Foster City, Calif.-based provider of centralized virtual private networking (VPN) solutions.


CRM email integration & data entry

Improvista Interactive Music

Improvista Interactive Music provides mobile content and services for 3G wireless carriers.


Imzy aims to be a platform for genuine conversations with like-minded people.


In2Games developed the Game-Trak 3D interactive game controller, to enhance the relationship between user input and on-screen action.


In3Depth is a financial firm that provides solutions for the creation of 3D gesture-based user interfaces and applications.

InApp Pro

InApp Pro is a new on-demand professional services platform that makes it easy for businesses to Book and Work with software consultants.


Inaura is a user-centric endpoint identity and security device targeted at the security and identity issues related to virtualization.


incuBET develops online computer games.

Inertia Beverage Group

Inertia Beverage Group offers solutions that enable wineries to sell their products through direct-to-consumer channels.


iNEWiT is a Belgium-based engineering company that develops applications and devices for the mobile market.

Infineta Systems

Infineta Systems is a network infrastructure company developing network optimization products for enterprise data center interconnects.


Infobionics develops knowledge mining applications including business intelligence, predictive analysis, and bioinformatics.


Integrating the advantages of the Internet with the car

Inform Technologies

Inform Technologies develops apps that enable media companies to enhance content creation, curation, distribution and monetization., a question-and-answer marketplace.

InLive Interactive

InLive Interactive provides software solutions that enable TV viewers to join programs via mobiles or landline telephones.


InnFocus is a biomaterials company developing products in ophthalmology.


INNOBUDDYAn Innovative Educational Evolution

InSciTek Microsystems

A Rochester, N.Y.-based provider of IT and telephony products for small- and mid-sized enterprises

Integrated Development Enterprise

Integrated Development Enterprise develops web-based project and product portfolio management solutions to the enterprise market.

Interactive Fitness

Interactive Fitness offers indoor workout equipment with virtual reality programs, creating the similar effects of an outdoor workout.

Interactive Video Technologies, Inc.

Interactive Video Technologies is a developer of technology thatintegrates interactivity into streaming video.

Internet REIT

Internet REIT (iREIT) is an internet media company owning and managing high-quality highly-visited domain names.


Interse is a software company serving the consulting, legal, tax and auditing, and investment banking industries.

Intersect Software

Intersect's software is designed to help engineering and product-development companies and departments evaluate, test and ship products.

InterSurvey, create and match great domain platforms

Into Networks

Into Networks is a fast-growing company dedicated to the development of software for the broadband Internet market.

IP Communications

An independent broadband data-networking services provider.

Ipsum Networks

Ipsum Networks is a Philadelphia-based company that provides route analysis and IP-layer management solutions.


Ironmax, an online marketplace for the construction equipment industry.


ISC8 provides intelligent cyber security solutions and multiple hardware and software products for enterprise threat management.

Iscopia Software

Iscopia Software is a provider of advanced qualification management systems for HR professionals.

Ishoni Networks

Ishoni Networks develops broadband engines for residential and business customers.

The system integrates email and the Internet to automate your quality system.

IT Trading

IT Trading LLC specialized in the design and engineering of electronic trading systems.


ITango provides employee and manager self-service software and services.


Itiva assists websites to create online content and subpages for a wider user experience.


itzbig is an interactive job website that connects employers and candidates in real time.


Iunika was a developer of chips, software and solution systems for the mobile computing sector.

World's first personal credit bureau


iVendor provides a shared e-commerce platform.


iversity is a Germany-based learning platform that partners with institutions to provide online courses to students.


iVita is a web-hosted B2B provider of financial solutions to manage corporate assets.


iZ3D designs and develops stereoscopic 3D visualization systems, including 3D monitors and glasses.

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