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H2O Network

H2O's preferred providers of Internet services.

Hammerhead Systems

Hammerhead Systems provides MPLS, and Ethernet aggregation and switching solutions for residential broadband and wireless backhaul markets.

Handmade Mobile

Handmade Mobile Entertainment operates a flirting website that enables members to discover people based on their preferences.


Happyshop is a SaaS-based company for mobile shopping marketing designed for retail and brands.


Hark is a platform for sound bites, where anyone can discover, play and share their favorite audio moments on any device.


An innovator in broadband service delivery


HarvardNet provides high-speed data networking solutions and Web hosting services to businesses located in the USA.


Hashable is an online address book enabling users to make private notes about their contacts and set follow-up reminders for appointments.


Headplay develops optical and high-quality video processing technologies for viewing digital media in both 2D and 3D.


Healthrageous is a digital health management company supporting individuals to prevent and self-manage chronic health conditions.


Hello is a technology company that designs and produces consumer electronic hardware and accompanying software.


Helveta provides supply chain and asset management software for food and timber industries.


HeySpace provides interactive gaming space (IGS) in China, focusing on Chinese online communities and online gaming services.

Hi-Stor Technologies

Hi-Stor Technologies provides software solutions for information management including data protection, information archiving, and more. is a high school centric media network with four distinct channels: school community, student community, sports community.


Hint specializes in services ranging from product consulting and project management to custom software development and UI design.


HiWiFi is a wireless network manager that provides automatic connection to WLAN and open hotspots.


An Internet-based, licensed real estate firm


HomeHero is a non-medical home care provider that leverages technology and human compassion to extend the health system into the home.


Homejoy is an online platform connecting professional cleaners with clients for $20 per hour.


HomePoint is a business-to-business (&uot;B2B&uot;) distributor and marketer of home furnishings on the Internet.

HotSocket Inc.

HotSocket is the first company to meld the dynamic capabilities of the web with the proven techniques of direct marketing.

Hoyos Corporation

Hoyos is an identity management technology solution company focused on developing systems for access control and the identity market.

HydraWEB Technologies

HydraWEB Technologies is a manufacturer of application aware Internet traffic management devices that make e-business networks reliable.


Hyperchip is a telecommunication equipment company.


Hypios combines intelligent crowdsourcing, competency discovery technology, and human outreach to deliver an open problem-solving service.

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