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G10 Entertainment

G10 is an entertainment company based in Korea.


GainBit is based in Luxembourg and operates as an investment firm that pools money from investors to invest in bitcoin mining industry.


GameGround offered a social skill gaming platform that turned online gaming into a social and competitive experience.


GameLayers develops massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) integrated with web surfing.

Gamerizon Studio

Gamerizon Studio is a independent studio specialized in the development of mobile and casual games.


GarageB Internet music company whose goal is to identify and sign the most talented new bands, based on the collective opinion of consumers.

Garuda Networks

Garuda Networks is a provider of broadband access equipment.

GATe Technology

GATe Technology provides embedded electronic systems and networked systems for the automotive, industrial, energy, and medical markets.

Gator is your smart online companion that fills out forms and remembers passwords.


Gazoob develops and publishes digital apps, ebooks and games related to the education industry.

GCLABS (Gamechanger LABS)

GameChanger Labs is the developer of Swipe, an app for discovering new people nearby who are ready to chat and meet.

Gecko Audio

Gecko Audio is a California-based developer of network audio products.

Generic Media

Generic Media is a developer of streaming media production and delivery technologies.


GenieDB seamlessly manages database replication with globally distributed MySQL-as-a-Service with availability and fast response times.

Geodelic Systems

Geodelic Systems is a startup that offers a white-label platform supporting mobile web, desktop web, and smart phone apps.

GET Holding NV

GET Holding NV develops a worldwide information and trading platform for fresh industries to obtain direct contact between buyer and seller.

GigaFin Networks

Gigafin Networks provides internal security and traffic management solutions.


Gigex operates as a promotions company specialized in the distribution of product demos and trailers.


Giiv was a text message gifting platform that allowed users to give tangible items to other individuals instantaneously via text messages.

Gioia Systems

Gioia Systems aims to uphold the fairness and integrity of online and electronic gaming.


Gliatech Inc. (NASDAQ: GLIA) was founded in 1988 to discover, develop, and commercialize therapeutic products.

Global Commerce Systems

Global Commerce Systems has been a pioneer and technology leader in business-to-business electronic commerce.


Gnodal is a computer networking company that designs and sells network switches for datacenter computing and trading environments., an online exchange bringing together buyers and sellers of international container shipments


GoingOn offers an academic social networking platform for students, faculty and administrators to effectively connect and share knowledge.

GoIP International

GoIP International is a one-stop-shop offering robust voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems.

Golden Gate Technology

Golden Gate Technology (GGT) develops electronics design software tools that address the advanced design requirements of low-power ICs.

Goodmail Systems

Goodmail Systems provides an email service for consumers to identify authentic messages from legitimate commercial and non-profit senders.

Google Reader

An RSS/Atom feed aggregator operated by Google

Google Spaces

Group discussions and messaging board

Google Wave

Online communication and collaboration tool for teams


Goojet is a mobile social media dedicated to web content discovery based on the user's preferred themes.


Gopogo is a geo-location platform for recording, sharing and discovering connected experiences.

goRefer offers a web technology solution that supports the internet consumer intelligence industry.


GoToMyDoc lets you go to your doc directly, where you'll find information & use our personalized tools to learn more.

Green Box Online Science and Technology

Green Box Online Science & Technology focuses on design, development, production, sales, and an e-commerce platform for children clothing.

GridIron Software

GridIron Software creates a hybrid-SaaS solution offering enterprises automated and transparent data DNA collection and management systems.


GridNetworks is an internet television provider, delivering internet video content for TVs and computers with no additional hardware.


Grokr provides its users with a personalized search and discovery service that makes it easier to get information.


Grooveshark is a free web-based music application that enables internet users listen to music on-demand.


GrouPAY, a way to collect money online, is designed to help SMEs and individuals who regularly collect money from many people.


Groxis develops visual search technology and graphical information interface solutions.

Guangzhou Broad Vision Telecom

Guangzhou Broad Vision Telecom is a high-tech company engaged in the technologies for communication networks.


Guide is a software company transforming traditional web content into an audio-visual stream for curation and consumption on-the-go.

Guruji is a crawler-based search engine designed to make web content searching simple for the users based in India.


Guvera offers a system that enables free music downloads through engagement advertising.

GWS Photonics

GWS Photonicsis paving the way for next generation DWDM networks with its patented GWS tunable filter Platform.

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