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Darkstrand provides services to help companies collaborate, particularly over the optical network.


Defywire offers web-based software to develop wireless connections between teachers, administrators, students and parents.


Bookmark, save and share web pages


deNovis provides advanced transaction processing and information management solutions for the health insurance sector.


Derivion is the first e-billing application service provider (ASP) to leverage the power of the Internet to automate the bill delivery.

Desktop News

Desktop News keeps you "in the know" by delivering a continuous stream of news and information from your favorite Web sites.


Devtap is focused on developing a semantic search engine.

Dexin Interactive

Dexin Interactive is a game network offering massive and medium multiplayer online games, web games, and casual games.

DGP Labs

DGP Labs provides businesses and individuals with internet-based solutions. is an Internet-based medical service providing the decision support you need to optimally control your diabetes.


Dialout.Net is a unique Communications Service Provider offering Internet-based serial communication services.


DigiCompanion is a technology provider for the promotions market in Europe offering a digital promotions management platform.

DigiSat Technology

DigiSat Technology provides an IPTV platform that offers interactive video delivery and multimedia entertainment.

Digital Alliance

Digital Alliance offers online account management tools for businesses to extract value from their wireless communications expenses.

Digital Chocolate

Digital Chocolate is a video game developer and publisher specialized in casual and social games for the web, Facebook, and mobile phones.

Digital Railroad

Digital Railroadis an online retailer selling professional stock photography.

Digitrad Communications

Digitrad Communications is a telecom service provider developing technologies and user experiences for communication purposes.


Chat client app for AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, and Jabber

Diino Systems

Diino Systems provides advanced solutions for backup, storage, and file sharing., an Internet network of personal finance portals in Spanish and Portuguese.


Dmailer develops data synchronization software enabling users to synchronize and save personal data to portable storage devices.


Doppelganger operates vSide, a 3D virtual world providing entertainment and social networking for the teen demographic.


DotBlu is an online betting platform allowing users to place friendly bets on a variety of subjects ranging from sports to technology.


Simplify deployment and scaling of web apps

DoubleTwist is the genomics portal for the life science community.


Set up instant, hassle-free online meetings


DubMeNow is a mobile software solution used to exchange business cards and instantaneously manage contact information.


Visualize and monitor your data in a single platform.


We quantify risks & costs for businesses and their customers in the housing sector

Dynamic Mobile Data

Dynamic Mobile Data Systems develops mobile resource management solutions.


Dyyno provides broadband delivery of TV, movie and mid-tail content to global audiences.

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