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C2 Microsystems

C2 Microsystems develops media processor devices for the broadband delivery of rich media content via internet and private networks.

C3L3B Digital

C3L3B Digital is a California-based developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOG).

C8 MediSensors

C8 MediSensors develops non-invasive glucose monitoring products for diabetic patients.

California Interactive Technologies

California Interactive Technologies operates as a technology service provider to educational and corporate clients.


Calxeda offers a software server platform that uses energy-efficient ARM architecture, enabling reduction in capital and operating expenses.

Camino Real

Camino Real develops mobile applications that turns mobile phones into push-to-talk walkie-talkies.


A Milipitas, Calif.-based provider of storage solutions for IT infrastructures

Canvas Networks

Canvas was an internet remix community.


App analytics and push notifications for your app


CarbonFlow develops carbon trading software to help companies lower the cost and time it takes to create a carbon credit.

Cardiovascular Simulation

Cardiovascular Simulation is a maker of medical software., an independent global business-to-business Internet trading exchange for the shipping industry.

Carolina BroadBand

Carolina BroadBand new, privately-held company offering residents and businesses a choice in providers for broadband multi-media service.


Carwoo is an anonymous automobile marketplace that enables its users to purchase cars without providing personal information.


CaseRev provides vendor relationship management solutions, enabling users to maintain efficient correspondences between vendors.

Caspian Networks

Caspian Networks, Inc. provides multimedia traffic management solutions for IP and Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron Systems Inc., a Mountain View, Calif.-based maker of application integration hardware devices.


castAR offers a gaming system that provides a 3D holographic view.


CatchFree is an online platform that helps users find and compare free online solutions by organizing feedback from active users.


CatchTheEye is a media company offering media triad connection services for marketers to interact with consumers.

CB Technologies

A leading provider of electronic data capture, e-business consulting, and integration services to the pharmaceutical.

CDC Corporation

CDC Corporation was an operator and growth investor in hybrid (on premise and SaaS) enterprise software, IT, and media businesses.


CebaTech delivers hardware solutions that accelerate data and storage networking applications.

Celite Systems

Celite Systems provides residential broadband access products.


CellGlide makes equipment that wireless carriers use in networks that run on GPRS.


Cellmax Systems provide products and technologies delivering tools and solutions for human voice identification and verification.

Celona Technologies

Celona Technologies provides business-centric application data migration software that drives business changes for organizations.

Celox Networks

Celox Participates in Industrys Largest Multi-vendor MPLS Interoperability Test.


Center'd is a local search and discovery company that organizes and distributes content based on SentimentAnalysis.


Centerseat is a rich media technology and solutions provider.

Cereva Networks

A new technology company providing next generation architecture that enables Web content and eCommerce providers


Certeon provided appliance software solutions that eliminated traditional network constraints and accelerated application performance.


CEYX is a provider of software-enabled control systems for light-emitting devices.


ChaCha is a free mobile Q&A service in the U.S. enabling advertisers and marketers to reach and engage their customers in real-time.

Charmed Technology

A developer of wireless wearable Internet products

Chiaro Networks

Chiaro Networks engages in the design, manufacture, and delivery of Internet protocol/multi protocol label switching.

Chip Path Design Systems

FPGA, FPASSP and SOC web portals to do chip architectures; e.g. searching, selecting and comparing FPGA devices from different vendors.

ChipVision Design

ChipVision Design Systems is a supplier of low-power system-level EDA software tools and services.


A satellite-based Internet broadcaster

Cirtas Systems

Cirtas Systems provides cloud storage controllers for storage management and TCO reduction in data centers.


CITTIO is a provider of innovative, automated network and systems monitoring software for companies with complex networks.

CityNet Telecommunications

CityNet Telecommunications is a provider of broadband infrastructure in Metro-area.


Clearfit shows WHY top people perform the way they do so managers can identify more top performers and raise the performance of their team


ClearLogic develops and markets pin-compatible ASICs transferred from Altera-based FPGA designs.

Clearwater Networks

Clearwater Networks is a developer of the next generation of packet processing engines for Internet infrastructure manufacturers.


CleveX is a medical device company developing disposable surgical instruments.


Click2send is a web-based online file handling service that helps its users send business-critical information over the internet.


Click4Care, Inc. provides medical management software for payers, providers, and patients. It offers ThinkHealth, which automates


Clinkle offers a payment platform that modernizes the way people transact.


Cliqset provides an online platform for developers to create, organize and share social information on the web and mobile environments.

Cloud Silver Lining

Cloud Silver Lining offers cloud-focused professional services, software tools, and certification to enterprises.


Cloudcity offers a white label trivia platform.

Club Penguin (Honorary)

Online game and virtual world for children.


Cocodot is a social commerce site for finding products, invitations, and inspiration for modern parties and home entertainment.


CoinSeed specializes in designing and implementing high power and optimally efficient ASIC based Bitcoin mining infrastructures for the

Comet Systems

Comet Systems, developer of the Comet Cursor.

Command Information

Command Information is a provider of net-centric information technology services and solutions.


CommerceRoute provides a complete Internet solution for building Digital Markets, optimize business processes & minimize transaction costs.


Communicado provides software platforms, management processes, and real-time communication expertise for businesses and organizations


CompanyLoop is a professional networking service that connects co-workers with each other.

Compass Labs

Compass Labs is a social marketing platform providing campaign management tools, analytics and CLIQ in order to execute ad campaigns.

Compass Quality Insight Inc.

Compass Quality Insight develops Compass Profiler, a tool used in the quality assurance process.

Comstellar Technologies

At Comstellar Technologies, Inc., we're building a major technology company with a singular focus on communications infrastructure


Conformity is a provider of an enterprise-class management and governance platform for cloud applications.


Continuent develops database clustering and replication management software for enterprises and web companies.

Cooptions Technologies

Cooptions Technologies provides IT enabled solutions to primary agricultural cooperative societies.


Corensic provides software and run-time tools that enable developers and IT organizations to build and deploy concurrent applications.

Coriolis Networks

A provider of optical networking systems for metropolitan areas.


The company delivers a wide range of hardware and tools, editorial advice from home improvement experts, and unmatched customer service.

Corona Networks

Corona Networks is a leader in developing a carrier-class IP switch.

Corrent Corp.

Corrent Corp. offers network security products. It offers security processors, open platform security PCI board solutions, and software.


CouchOne offers a platform that simplifies the creation of shared web apps and synchronizes data across mobile, desktop and cloud platforms.

CoverageCorp, a direct Internet provider of property and casualty insurance coverage for small and medium-sized businesses.

Coyote Cable

Launched in 2013, Coyote Cable uses hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC)

CRI Technologies

CRI Technologies, a vendor neutral consultant, provides client server-based computing solutions and services.


cSafe provides solutions to protect, share, and sell digital images.


Cswitch develops the next generation of configurable solutions for a wide range of networking-based platforms.


Cuil is a search engine that organizes web pages by content and displays long entries along with thumbnail pictures for many results.

Current Media

Current Media is a cable news network and online destination allowing users to produce the news programming it puts on air and online.

Cybernet Software Systems

Cybernet Software Systems, a business and technology solutions provider, delivers services to enterprises and independent software vendors.


Cybeye operates a personal web portal with social networking services, allowing members to set up profiles that are shared with others.

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