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Babelgum is a free integrated web and mobile video content platform available on-demand to a global audience.


Create hyper-local community sites


Backflip was an online bookmarking service which went live in the fall of 1999. In the fallout of the dotcom bubble Backflip was acquired


Backplane believes that the future of social networking does not lie in an all-encompassing network, but in niche networks with purpose.


Balanced is a payment system allowing marketplaces to charge cards, escrow funds, deposit via ACH direct, and collect fees.

Banckle Chat

Chat to customers and track their behaviors on your site

Bang Networks

technologies and services


They connect manufacturers who sell into retail to their customers.

Bazaar Corner, Inc.

Bazaar Corner is a social commerce website where people can share and sell products online.


BBspace is a provider of Chinese online magazines and catologues in diverse categories ranging from fashion to electronics.

Beats Music

Beats Music is a website providing online music streaming service, centered around curated playlists created by musicians and music writers.


BeeTV is a TV recommendation engine that offers an app allowing users to get and share personalized show recommendations.

Before the Call

Before the Call offers an on-demand prospect development management solution with sales activity analytics and revenue predictions.

Beijing Moca World Technology

Moca World is a professional mobile phone network game development company.


Berg is a cloud-based company that develops and commercializes cloud services for hardware innovators.


Bettymovil is a technological platform for placing microbets over portable devices.

Big Live

BIG LIVE is a single screen social viewing platform connecting people around synchronous online video experiences.


Bitcasa is the leader in secure and simple cloud storage solutions.


BitPass is an online payment system allowing users to deposit money in an online account and pay for digital contents and services.


Blab offers a platform that enables its users to communicate with the other users.

Blackaeon International

Blackaeon International is an artificial intelligence lab offering robotics, web applications, and technology advisory services.

Bling Nation

Bling Nation is a mobile payments platform employing technology to reduce payments processing costs for small banks.

Blink Logic

Web-based software solutions

Blippy Social Commerce

Blippy is a social commerce platform allowing users to share credit card purchases with friends.

Blue Egg

Blue Egg is an e-media company that celebrates attainable sustainable living. By providing clear, credible information and practical

Blue Silicon

Blue Silicon business is messaging. By combining the best of breed technologies in voice mail, fax mail, email.

Bluefire Security Technologies

Bluefire Security Technologies creates firewall technology for hand-held devices.


Bluenog is an enterprise software and solutions company specializing in content management and business intelligence software.


Bluepulse is a mobile social media company offering social networking applications that work on internet-enabled phones., a provider of hosted Internet applications.

BNX Systems

BNX Systems is a provider of Controlled Access Management solutions.


BO.LT enables the collection and sharing of web pages on permanent and private basis.


Bonativo brings you the weekly market home. Buy online the best regional foods and get them delivered right to your door.


Booyah is a real-world, location-based game developer that creates mass-market games and entertainment products.


BPT develops advanced membranes-based separation solutions for the industrial water and wastewater treatment processes.


Braintech develops and supports machine vision guidance systems for robots used in the automotive manufacturing industry.


Brandscreen is a real-time digital media trading platform.

BravoGifts is an online platform that provides corporate incentive programs and business gift-giving solutions.


Breeze is a leasing platform that provides its users with no-commitment lease for individuals, who value flexibility.


BridgePath, provider of a real-time, Internet-based staffing firm to staffing firm exchange.


Bridj is the world's first smart transit system which uses big data and awesome shuttles.


Broadcastr is an application for the iPhone and Android devices that delivers location-based content according to the user's interests.


Broadchoice offers messaging and file sharing services to reduce meeting time and email traffic.


BroadClip provided distributed software architecture for recording media and delivering them to portable media devices.

BroadCloud Communications

BroadCloud Communications is a web-based application service provider (ASP) of wireless Internet transmission services.

BroadStreet Communications

Broadstreet Communications, Inc. delivers voice and data services over an Internet protocol network for small and medium businesses.


Browster offers a search enhancement tool that pre-fetches content from links and makes the content available by mousing over the link.


With $11 million dollars in loan volume and growing, BTCJam has served more than 100,000 users from over 200 countries.


The latest generation of the BuildLinks software serves as an enterprise-wide data platform.


Buildnet offers management software to homebuilders.


busybox is a developer and distributor of digital imagery. is provider of software, tools and infrastructure for the video game and military simulation industries. is a digital marketplace that connects buyers and sellers in the perishable food industry with one another.


BuyTrek's plan is to provide destination site visitors with an easy-to-use system for Web shopping.


Buzztala creates and publishes the perfect video ads for every platform -- at massive scale to best tap advances in audience targeting.


Buzzwire is a Denver-based mobile startup that streams multimedia content to users mobile phone.

BVfon Telecommunication

BVfon Telecommunication offers payment and telecommunication applications for detention facilities.


BView is a platform for businesses to connect locally with their customers, built around a local voucher search application.

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