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Above All Software

Above All Software provides business integration software that enables its users to leverage service-oriented architectures.

Accent Optical Technologies

Accent Optical Technologies leading supplier of process control tools for optoelectronic, wireless, & silicon semiconductor.

Accordion Networks

Accordion Networks designs and supplies next-generation onsite broadband multi-services activation platforms.

Aceris 3D Inspection

Aceris 3D Inspection develops flip chip and wafer inspection equipment for detecting measurements and defects.

Active Storage

Active Storage provides storage solutions for the business and creative industries.


ActZero offers software solutions for enabling consumers.

Adaptive Media

Adaptive Media is an audience and content monetization company that provides online media and advertising solutions.


Adero provides content delivery enablement solutions to carriers and hosting providers through its Adero GlobalWise Network technology.


Admazely was an advertising technology company that offered easy-to-setup retargeting for web shops.

Adobe Fireworks

A bitmap and vector graphics editor

Adobe Flash

Runs video, animation, and games inside of Web pages


AduroNet is providing a family of wholesale IP solutions, engineered with the very latest leading-edge, Silicon Valley IP technology.

Advent Networks

Advent Networks offers IP access platform for the cable industry that operates on unmodified hybrid fiber-coax networks.


Adzilla enables ISPs to deliver user behavioral and demographic info-based advertisements to publisher sites and advertising networks.

Agile Systems

Agile Systems designs, develops and manufactures advanced motion control technology including motor control and power conversion.

Agillion, Inc.

Agillion enables companies to provide customers with a level of service they've never encountered online


AgInfoLink, a food information solutions provider, facilitated supply chain management of the food industry through traceability solutions.


AgLocal is an e-commerce platform forξbuying and selling meats of animals that are free of antibiotics or added hormones.

Air Semiconductor

Air Semiconductor is a GPS silicon supplier for mobile devices.


Akella was a software company that specialized in the development, publishing and distribution of computer games and multimedia products.


ALE is an outer space entertainment company creating artificial shooting stars and meteor showers on demand


alikolo was an Indonesian e-Commerce Marketplace.


AllAdvantage is an internet advertising company where one can generate revenue by online viewing.

Allegro Networks

Allegro Networks, a privately held provider of network routing equipment

Allied Pacific Sports Network

Allied Pacific Sports Network provides live and on-demand sports via Internet, interactive media, and mobile technologies.


Allmyapps is the 1st App Store for Windows. We make it easy for PC users to discover, install and update their PC software.


Alltrue ultimate streaming media destination for lifes jaw-dropping, eye-opening, truly inspiring, money shot moments_all caught on tape.


AltoWeb solution is a software -like intranet developed by Vincent Graux the leadership of national and international audits (DVNI)


AltraBiofuels, a cleantech company, produces renewable biofuels, ethanol and biodiesel products.

Amazing Media

Amazing Media

America's Choice Healthplans

America's Choice Healthplans is the world's first online third-party benefits administrator.


AnnuityNet is the first company to re-engineer variable annuities and offer them for sale entirely online.

Anta Systems

Founded in Santa Clara, CA, Anta Systems is a leading provider of affordable, turn-key Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions.

ANTs Software

ANTs Software develops high-performance data management architectural products and solutions.

AP Engines

AP Engines provides the industry's only complete OSS integration platform for telephony and broadband service providers.


Powerful photo editing software made by Apple offers a distribution and monetization platform for mobile application developers.


Appear is an enterprise mobility vendor specialized in construction and transportation.


Fast A/B testing for native mobile apps


AppleSoup is privately held and based in San Francisco, Calif.


Appscio develops applications of media mining algorithms to government, enterprise, and web media management problems.

Apreso Classroom

Apreso Classroom offers an automated lecture capturing and web publishing system that provides course materials and lectures online.


Arcwave is a leading developer and provider of affordable licensed and unlicensed band Broadband Wireless Access.


Argyle Social provided a social media management tools focused around powerful social tools for B2B marketers.

AristaSoft Corporation

Online pricing intelligence by subscription. Used by clients in travel (Expedia, Travelocity) and retail (Amazon, Tesco).


ARKeX is a geophysical service company enabling explorationists to gain a complete understanding of subsurface geology.


ARPU is a technology company focused on providing advertising and ecommerce solutions for consumers, advertisers and publishers.


An open-source enterprise software firm building Web-based solutions for corporate, commercial and educational communities

Asia Online Limited

Asia Online puts the power of the Internet to work, growing customers' business. Whether generating new revenue or savings., the upcoming online business-to business eMarketplace for indirect goods and services in Latin America.

Asita Technologies

Asita Technologies, Inc. provides high-speed Virtual Private Networking (VPN) solutions.

Ask Ziggy

Ask Ziggy is a natural speech search engine that uses voice recognition technology for mobile devices.


Assembly is a web collaboration platform that enables users to develop apps, widgets, platforms, and APIs with the help of other users.


Asteel manufactures and distributes electronic and electro-mechanical sub-contracting components.

Astute Networks

Astute isξa provider of performance storage appliances for physical, virtual and cloud computing environments.

Athena Design Systems

Athena Design Systems develops electronic design automation software, addressing the physical implementation challenges of IC design.


AtomicTangerine, Inc. is an e-Business venture consulting firm.

Attune Systems

Attune Systems provides network file management products to reduce file management complexity.

Authentor Systems

Founded in 1998, Authentor is a privately held company with headquarters in Englewood.

Autonomic Networks

Autonomic Networks provides network access control products for network security and compliance.


AutoPilot is an all-in-one trip companion that displays flight status, current time, weather conditions, and other information.


AutoVirt develops a software solution to assess, migrate and manage unstructured data stored on NAS devices and Windows file servers.

Avalon Clones

Avalon Clones manufactures and distributes bitcoin mining computer rigs.

Avega Systems

Avega Systems offers Aios platform, which is a whole-home networked music solution.


Aveso provides flexible displays suitable for high-volume, cost-sensitive mass consumer applications.


Avokia provides middleware software for enterprises and customers that enable the continuous availability of database information.


Avolent provides web-based application software for electronic billing and settlement processes. Avolent was acquired by Genpact Limited.


AXSionics provides internet security solutions that enable the mutual authentication of identities and verification of online transactions.

Azaire Networks

Azaire Networks develops I-WLAN based solutions that enable mobile operators to deploy Multi-Access networks.


Azingo is a software vendor offering a Linux-based open mobile platform.

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