Netscape browser

Netscape browser

The og dominant web browser.

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Cause of death

Lost a turf war to Internet Explorer, who bundled itself with the Windows gang.

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Netscape was born in December 1994 and was terminated in March 2008.

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Remembered for

Netscape browser (née Mosaic) was the original window to the internet for a generation.

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Last known residence

Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems. As its final act, Netscape was an organ donor to the Firefox browser.

Featured Alternatives



Chrome, birthed by Google in 2008, has grown to become the new king of the hill, with over 60% market share worldwide.

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Firefox is a free and open-source browser developed by the Mozilla foundation. Firefox is considered the spiritual successor to Netscape.

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Safari was birthed in 2003 by Apple and is included in MacOS and iOS devices. It was briefly available for Windows devices, but no longer.

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Internet Explorer/ Edge


Internet Explorer (a.k.a. IE) came into the world in 1995. It once had 95% market share. Today it has fallen out of favor and is being "Edged" out.

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